How can I attend a Cannabis Camp event?

How can I attend a Cannabis Camp event?

Cannabis Camp events range from support groups to conventions and everything in between. Check out our events page today to find an event near you. If your group is interested in hosting a Cannabis Camp event of your own, contact us.

Where is Cannabis Camp located?

Cannabis Camp started in Falmouth, MI but is not a geographical location. It is a spiritual way of life that has evolved out of our events. The therapeutic value of one sick person helping another is an undeniable force that is at the very core of our beliefs.

Can anybody join CannabisCamp.org?

Yes. Anybody can join our community. It is an educational site that is suitable for any age. We believe Rick Simpson Oil should be a household recipe and marijuana is the most powerful medicine known to man. We would never withhold this information from anybody that is interested. If you do not want your child exposed to the truths on our website, please restrict that access yourself.

Are you going to have events in other states this year?

We are staying in MI for the rest of 2012. We are very excited about doing some events in places like California and Colorado for 2013. We will keep you posted.