Original Cannabis Camp 2011

In June of 2011, Cristy, Joel and I (Uncle Pete) were walking through our favorite place to camp, White Birch Canoe Livery and Campground, located in Northern Michigan and had an idea. The idea was to hold a Cannabis oriented camp that we could invite some friends to, hang out and celebrate our freedom as Medical Marijuana Patients and Caregivers. At first it was a just a thought and it turned into so much more than imagined in a short time. Several camps were held in the summer of 2011, there was; food, friends, fun, smoke, music and more!

Over the winter there was a lot of research done on Cannabis and everything to do with it.

The planning for Cannabis Camp 2012 was already in the works. Our thoughts were to change camp just a little and make it not just a place for fun, but a place for patients and caregivers alike to find more information and knowledge on what this plant can really do and how to do it!

Once the 2012 camp season began, Cannabis Camp fired up where it left off. The live music began and the friends began to gather…


Uncle Pete’s first batch of RSO.

In May Uncle Pete and Joel made their first batch of Rick Simpson Oil. Pete’s diabetes had vanished and he was rejuvenated. Amy Jo, who had been wheelchair bound for years due to pain, stood up…  and walked across the campsite. Amy has also struggled with brain tumors for quite some time. She refused to undergo chemo again and resorted to the help of a man she met over Facebook. It was the cannabis only treatment that is credited with bringing Amy back to having completely normal blood work -with no tumor markers!

The healing power of cannabis was realized firsthand and it seemed fit that it be shared. Passing on the knowledge, the medicine and the good health that we all deserve, became tenets of Cannabis Camp. Cannabis Camp has become a way of life, and more than likely it will continue to grow. It has also, become a home away from home for, many regardless of location; anywhere is home with cannabis and friends.

In late summer of 2012, Cannabis Camp was officially dedicated in the honor of Renee Emery Wolfe, a Medical Marijuana pioneer and crusader from Michigan. We are happy to report that she was able to enjoy her freedom at Cannabis Camp before her passing and was amongst friends till the end.